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Welcome to Ortho Sport Medical

Who we are
and what make us special

The company begins its operations in connection with a niche that has developed on the medical services market, and it concerns complicated and innovative treatments supervised and conducted by prominent people specialists, which are Dr. Grzegorz Sobieraj (Orthopedics) and Dr. Michał Spychalski (Surgery). We want to create a place where everyone is happy when he will come in, in which he will surrender himself with full confidence and receive a professional, competent help at the highest world level.

Ortho Sport Medical is also the only medical clinic in Poland providing services Concierge. With us, in a friendly atmosphere, you will go through the entire treatment process starting from the first consultation visit, through treatment (conservative, surgical, rehabilitation) until complete cure ailments. We are always at your disposal at every stage. We want you to feel fully protected and that's why your personal assistant will arrange visit for you, research, rehabilitation and date will always adapt to your schedule. If you have to pick you up from the airport, book a hotel, provide care during your stay.

We are supporting you in every stage of treatment

Arrange your medical consultation Arrange your medical consultation Medical consultation will be arranged in suitable time for you. Contact with us by phone or send email on kontakt@orthosportmedical.pl. If you have any documents from previous treatment, send us before your planned visit. This could be help us to recognized your problems and we can maximize the medical consultation.
Qualification to surgery / taking the treatment Qualification to surgery / taking the treatment During your first consultation you will receive extensive diagnosis and precise draft of treatment. If more examination will be required (TK, MRI), we will direct you and arrange additional examination in the best health centers.
Finding convenient date Finding convenient date Together we will find convenient date for surgery or starting medical treatment.
Surgery Surgery Operation will be executed in one of the most modern hospital in Poland. During hospitalization our patients staying in comfort conditions and kind, discreet atmosphere. Every hospital room is equipped with tv, free Wi-Fi, cofee machine and fridge. Moreover every rooms is air-conditioned and equipped with bathroom.
Consultation and after surgery care Consultation and after surgery care Necessary stage of every treatment are after surgery consultation, during which we talk about your process of recovery. Every visit will be arranged individually, considering with your progress.
Rehabilitation Rehabilitation Rightly selected rehabilitation is necessary stage of recovery. Our doctors, over the years, cooperate with the best physiotherapists, who thanks to personalized rehabilitation will take care of your recovery.





We are working with the best specialists

MED Grzegorz Sobieraj ORTHOPEDIST MED Grzegorz Sobieraj ORTHOPEDIST He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the Medical University of Lodz. He specializes in orthopedics and traumatology of the movement organs. He works as a senior assistant in the Department of Traumatology and Orthopedic Surgery of Specialist Hospital in Brzeziny. He is a member of the Polish Orthopedic Association, Polish Arthroscopic Society – Section of Arthroscopy of the Shoulder and Elbow. For many years he was connected with the Polish national football team, national representation of weightlifters and Lodz sport club – Widzew. He was a participant of numerous trainings and internships in Poland and abroad, for example: in Germany – BadGrusbach, Regensburg, Italy – Venice, Estonia – Tartu, USA – Los Angeles.
He constantly searches for new solutions and treatment options for his patients. He was the first in Poland to perform the pioneering operation of the so-called “Cartilage Spray” (2015) and he was one of the first to reconstruct the collapsed ligament in the knee using the hybrid method (2013). In June 2017, as one of the first in Poland, he conducted a pioneering implantation of biopolyethylen BioPoly Implant. At work, he uses modern technologies, including 3D printer, multimedia visualizations. In selecting the optimal treatment for each patient, he works with geneticists, biotechnologists, dieticians, psychologists, physiotherapists.
MED Mateusz Jóźwik ORTHOPEDIST MED Mateusz Jóźwik ORTHOPEDIST He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the Medical University of Lodz in 2015. He works as a resident physician in Traumatology and Orthopedic Department of Specialist Hospital in Brzeziny. He is the co-author of the study “Analysis of injuries in professional volleyball players during two years time”. He participated in numerous courses and congresses. He constantly raises his qualifications and gains experience under the supervision of Dr. Grzegorz Sobieraj.
MA Blanka Sokół PHYSIOTHERAPIST MA Blanka Sokół PHYSIOTHERAPIST She is a graduate of the Józef Piłsudski Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport in Biała Podlaska – and Medical University of Lodz. She has completed numerous courses including classic massage, deep tissue massage with muscular-fascial relaxation, MPPS release technique (muscle-fascia trigger points), Kinesio Taping. She constantly improves her qualifications and gains experience under physiotherapists of Ortho Sport Clinic.
MED Michał Spychalski SURGEON MED Michał Spychalski SURGEON Doctor of medical sciences, graduate of the Medical University of Lodz. Specialist in general surgery. A member of the Society of Polish Surgeons and the European Association for Endoscopic Surgery. Member of the board of the endoscopic section of the Society of Polish Surgeons. Head of the Treatment and Bariatric Endoscopy Center at the Specialist Hospital in Brzeziny - a reference center of the Society of Polish Surgeons in the field of surgical endoscopy. He gained experience in the field of colorectal surgery, oncology and endoscopy during over a dozen internships in Japan, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, France, Turkey, Spain, Portugal and the USA. Dr Spychalski specializes in the treatment of gastrointestinal tumors by minimally invasive endoscopic techniques, endoscopic treatment of obesity and esophageal achalasia. As the second in the world, and the first in Poland, he performed the procedure of removing a stomach tumor using a hybrid technique - from laparoscopic and endoscopic access (2013). He is the author of 20 scientific publications, including a work documenting his results of endoscopic treatment of early forms of colorectal cancer - the largest number of patients in this method in Europe (2017). Dr Spychalski presented the results of his work at a number of scientific meetings in Poland and in the world, among others in the US (DDW 2016), Japan (JDDW 2014,2015,2016), Paris (EAES 2014), Frankfurt (EAES 2017). Complete information about Dr. Spychalski at http://www.michalspychalski.com
MA Jakub Olejnik PHYSIOTHERAPIST MA Jakub Olejnik PHYSIOTHERAPIST He graduated from the Faculty of Military Medicine of the Medical University of Lodz, specilisation – Physiotherapy, and from the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Medical University of Lodz, specialisation – Public Health. He is a specialist at Cyriax OMI Global Orthopedic Medicine located in Knesselare (Belgium). He is a certified hirudoterapist, the author of the work entitled ‘The impact of shock wave therapy and hirudotherapy on the efficacy of enthesopathy treatment’. He participated in numerous courses on image diagnostics and motion image techniques with a strong emphasis on USG imaging and practical application of sonofeedback. In addition, he participated in thin and thick needle aspiration therapies, Functional Backbone Stabilisation and Mobilisation via the SMSystem, MTT (Medical Therapeutic Therapy), FDM (Fascial Distortion Model), Functional Fascial Taping (FFT),Kinesiotaping and Taping Sports.
Łukasz Stachlewski Physiotherapist Łukasz Stachlewski Physiotherapist Physiotherapist, masseur, he completed numerous trainings in the field of massage, physiotherapy and manual therapy. Everyday work with patients gives him a lot of satisfaction and is his greatest passion. He gained his professional experience cooperating with many athletes specializing in various sports disciplines: futsal - Grembach Lodz, futsal and beach soccer KP Łódź, futsal - Gatta Active Zduńska Wola, football (first league) ŁKS Łódź, mma and jiu jitsu - Gracie Barra, jiu jitsu - Octopus BJJ, Hard Enduro. For years, he specializes in deep tissue massage as well as in physiotherapy methods (manual therapy, massage, hirudotherapy, needle therapy, and clavitherapy).


Osteoporoza - najczęściej występująca choroba kości

Nazwa osteoporoza pochodzi z języka greckiego i łacińskiego: greckie osteon oznacza kość, a łacińskie porus to otwór, ubytek, dziura. Jest to układowa choroba szkieletu, charakteryzującą się postępującym ubytkiem masy kostnej, osłabieniem struktury przestrzennej kości oraz zwiększeniem podatności na złamania.


Czy jesteś gotowy zmierzyć się z otyłością....balonem żołądkowym?

Otyłość to problem nie tylko estetyczny, to przede wszystkim śmiertelna choroba. W Europie z powodu otyłości umiera milion osób rocznie, a gros osób otyłych cierpi dodatkowo na cukrzycę, miażdżycę czy choroby zwyrodnieniowe stawów. Nadmierna tusza ( wskaźnik BMI>30) to także wyższe ryzyko zachorowania na nowotwory jelita grubego, pęcherza moczowego czy trzustki. 


Komórki Macierzyste w ortopedii.

W nowoczesnej ortopedii trudno wyobrazić sobie leczenie wielu schorzeń pomijając terapie komórkami macierzystymi. Dzięki ich uzdrawiającej mocy nasz organizm jest w stanie naprawić bądź przyspieszyć regenerację mięśni, ścięgien, więzadeł i struktur kostnych. Czy komórki macierzyste to tylko moda, która za kilka lat minie czy ich zastosowanie będzie kluczem do zdrowia pacjentów XXI wieku?


Nowatorska operacja wszczepienia bioimplantu chrząstki rzepki.

Dr Grzegorz Sobieraj 13 kwietnia 2018 roku w Szpitalu Specjalistycznym w Brzezinach w Łódzkiem przeprowadził pierwszy w Polsce zabieg wszczepienia nowoczesnego bioimplantu BioPoly LLC, dzięki któremu można przeprowadzić rekonstrukcję chrząstki rzepki po której pacjent może być mobilny właściwie od pierwszego dnia po operacji.


Najserdeczniejsze życzenia na zbliżające się święta Wielkiejnocy od Ortho Sport Medical!

Pełnych radości i pokoju Świąt Wielkiej Nocy oraz wiele pomyślności i sukcesów życzy państwu zespół Ortho Sport Medical.


Dr Grzegorz Sobieraj - zrozumieć pacjenta.

Do gabinetu lekarskiego wchodzi około 80 - letnia pacjentka. O lasce, zgięta w pół, oparta o ramię córki powolnymi krokami zbliża się do biurka dr Sobieraja. Obie Panie zrezygnowane, cierpiące. Doktor przeprowadza wywiad, bada, diagnozuje, pociesza... Pół godziny później o cudzie mówią nie tylko mama i córka ale...


Dieta wspomagająca dobrą kondycję stawów.

Stowarzyszenia zrzeszające chorych cierpiących na chorobę zwyrodnieniową stawów czy reumatoidalne zapalenie stawów zalecają aby stosować urozmaiconą dietę opartą na produktach roślinnych, większej ilości błonnika, pożywieniu bogatym w kwasy omega-3, nienasycone kwasy tłuszczowe oraz antyoksydanty...



Witaj w świecie Ortho Sport Medical! Naszym celem jest świadczenie usług medycznych na najwyższym poziomie. Chcemy stworzyć miejsce, do którego każdy chętnie przyjdzie, w którym z pełnym zaufaniem podda się zabiegowi oraz otrzyma fachową i kompetentną pomoc.


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